Monday 8 September 2014

Some Things Really do Never Change!

In my previous post 'Some Things Never Change' I shared an old picture of me, taken in 1986 at Swallow Falls in Betws-y-Coed, along with a picture taken on our holiday to North Wales in May of this year.

Mum had been hunting for an even older photo that we could both recall but had not had any luck in finding it.

Me, Nan & Sarah at Swallow Falls in the 70s
Well, after much more hunting, this week, mum has come up with an older photo of my Nan, my sister Sarah and me at Swallow Falls, though we are not sure when it was taken.

I am on the left of the picture and, from looking at the home made dress that I'm wearing, I would say I'm about 10, which would put it at around about 1974.

I'm afraid that, as the picture is so old, the quality is not that good, but you can pretty much see that the Falls have not changed much at all in pretty much 40 years!

Sadly, our Nan is no longer with us, she passed away in 1997.  I'm not sure what she would have thought of being pictured in my Blog, but I think she would have liked it!!

Me at Swallow Falls in 1986

Me at Swallow Falls in May 2014

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