Tuesday 7 October 2014

Dartmoor - Arrival & Newton Abbot

We had a really nice, comfortable drive down, with no real traffic, and the CX5 doing us proud. We arrived relaxed and more than ready for our 10 days stay in Moorbrook Cottage, just on the edge of Dartmoor. 

We spent the evening having a really good look round, which you can read about here, unpacking and settling in with pizza in front of the TV. Our first impressions of the cottage were very favourable and we both thought we'd be really comfortable here for the next 10 days. 

Wednesday was our first full day and Martin was up early to get the curry started in the slow cooker. He really is a cracker. 

I was just stirring by the time he came back to bed and we lay in bed watching and listening to the rain whilst we decided what our plans for the day were. In the time we lay there, the weather turned from light drizzle, to pouring rain, to bright sunshine and back again. I think we could definitely describe it as changeable. 

With the weather looking a bit mixed and us wanting to see places at their best, we decided to have a slow get up and breakfast, followed by a drive into Newton Abbot to check out the local Asda and get stocked up on lots of goodies for our week ahead. 

Before hitting Asda we had a really good walk round Newton Abbot town centre, there was a market on so we had a good old mooch in the sunshine which was now out in full force. Unusually for us we made quite a few purchases, with Martin stocking up on wine making kits and a new knife and sharpener, he has a thing about knives, and me buying a new necklace and handbag, how girlie does that sound? 

Then it was into Asda for a trolley full of nice things to see us through the next week or so before heading back to Moorbrook Cottage. 

For some reason the sat nav took us back by a completely different route and the moors looked beautiful in the Autumn sunshine. We couldn't wait to get out and about and have a real good explore, as this area is somewhere that neither of us have ever visited before. 

Back to our home for the next 10 days and a quick sit in the garden before showers, which were very nice and powerful by the way, and looking forward to slow cooked curry, quarter final of the Bake Off and Our Zoo to look forward to. What more could we want? 

Oh yeah, a log fire would be fab. Simple pleasures.

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