Monday 29 June 2015

Girlie Catch Up

I can't believe it's only been six months since I last caught up with these lovely ladies in Gloucester.  It seems like absolutely ages.

This time both of the boys came too and both have really grown lots since I last saw them.  Archie has most definitely found his running legs and Catherine spent most of the day chasing after him, trying to make sure that he didn't take an early bath in the docks.

Charlotte, on the other hand, spent most of her day picking up random bits and pieces that Nate decided it would be real good fun to throw. We were all just that little bit too slow to stop Archie's tiger from taking a dip and none of us fancied the climb down to pick him up.

Fortunately, Archie was otherwise engaged and we don't think he noticed.
We were really lucky again with the weather and had a lovely relaxed (well mine was anyway!!!) stroll around the quay watching the birds and the boats before ...........
..... managing to sit and eat lunch outside in the sunshine.  I did seriously consider opting for the less than 550 calories pizza but, in the end, I just couldn't do it.  I wasn't that good when it came to dessert either, but both were lovely, all the better for being ate in the warm sunshine with good friends and a good old girlie catch up.

We had another lovely day and the time came around too soon to be heading back to the station for a very quick dash for my train.

Thanks for a lovely day ladies, we must definitely not leave it so long next time.

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