Monday 25 January 2016

Marsden, Yorkshire - Out and About

Other than attending Chris and Jenny's wedding and doing lots of chilling out, we did get out and about a couple of times whilst on our family Christmas break staying in The West Wing in Marsden.

We managed a wander around Marsden, depicted in this sculpture, where the river levels were very high, following the heavy rain we'd had.

We walked on up to the canal and took the towpath to Standedge Tunnel.  There's not much to see at this time of year, as the visitor centre is closed, but you can see the entrance to the tunnel, which was fascinating to us, having looked at the length of the tunnel on Google maps.We also managed a drive out across Saddleworth Moor, where we saw some cracking views before sitting for a while watching hand gliders struggling to take off and stay in the air.
We took lots of photos of the hang gliders ... most were rubbish, these are my favourites ...

And that was that really.  We had a lovely relaxing Christmas break, not doing very much at all, just what we needed before the start of the New Year.

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