Wednesday 24 August 2016

HM@No27 - Rag Market Haul

I was in desperate need of Christmas fabric for a big doggy bandana order for Hand Made at Number 27, so It was time for another visit to Birmingham Rag Market.

I'd arranged a trip with mum and a very close friend and was really excited to see what fabric was around and looking forward to some serious mooching, a bit of haggling with my favourite stall holders and hoping for lunch in the sunshine.

I was not disappointed. It was a glorious day, we got everything we went for, and more, had a lovely relaxing lunch at Cafe Rouge outside in the sunshine and all came home absolutely shattered.

I thought it would be fun to share our finds with you so here is my Rag Market shopping haul ....

We started off with a few haberdashery bits and piece, all just 29p each and absolutely perfect for a project that is on the cards for early September.
We then browsed all of the fabric stalls we could find before making final decisions on what to go for. It was difficult keeping to plan, as there was just so much gorgeous fabric that would have been lovely to add to my stash.

Our first fabric purchase was some top up fabric for Summer bunting, as this has gone really well this year and I was getting low on a couple of my favourites.

I ended up with a metre of this lovely red and white rose fabric, priced at £2 a metre and some pink gingham, which is really useful for both bunting and linings for my zippered pouches. We got lucky with this one as it was a roll end, so we managed to get a bit extra thrown in and actually ended up with just over 2 metres for just £2.
I went a bit off plan and fell in love with this lemon backed animal print which I thought might just come in useful for something nursery related. Again ... just £2 a metre.
We were a bit disappointed with the options for Christmas fabric on this stall and ended up with just one purchase towards the dog bandana order, this red and white star fabric. Again, it was £2 a metre.
I was beginning to think I was going to have to resort to trawling the internet for more Christmas designs, but it wasn't long before we found just what we were looking for. A fab array of designs, all for just £2 a metre, or 3 metres for £5. The three of us did a lot of umming and ahing over which were our favourites, before deciding on this lovely lot.

7 different fabrics, in a variety of colours and designs, all for £2 a metre. No luck here with any bartering, however hard we tried, but still a real bargain anyway.
Before moving on, another impulse buy. I just couldn't resist this cotton woodland themed fabric, which will be just perfect to make something for the nursery for my new niece or nephew, due in November. This was a bit more pricey at £8 per metre, but I just loved it so much I had to have it.
I also was delighted to find out that this fabric seller had an internet shop. If you want to have a look you can find them at

From here it was on to the 10p zip man, for a selection of zips to top up my supply. Any length, any colour, any style, all 10p. It is seriously the only way to buy zips. This stall is only here on a Tuesday though, as I found out to my cost on my last trip.
We made two more purchases within the rag market, before heading outside to see what the outdoor market had to offer.

I bought half a metre of this clear plastic stuff, which I thought would be great for jewelry rolls or make up brush holders, which I hope I will eventually have time to have a go at, and another half a metre of this gorgeous silky cream fabric, which I will team up with the little haberdashery bits we'd bought earlier.

It was then outside in the sunshine for a good look round the outside stalls, where I just plumped for one purchase of cream crocheted lace. I got the two metres for £2.45. I'm not entirely sure what the plans are for these, but I am sure I will think of something.
By now we were starting to flag so it was up the steps to Cafe Rouge, where we managed to find a spot in the shade to enjoy our lunch.

Revitalised, there was time for a bit more retail therapy of the Primark kind and a hunt in The Works for some bits to use in my garden Olympics at the weekend and just in case there were any more crafty bits worth buying.

By now we were all laden down, had aching legs and with the temperature having soared to 29 degrees and we were ready to head for home, so it was back to the car.

We'd had a lovely and very productive day, I'd definitely recommend the rag market to any other sewists or fabric junkies out there for fabric and all other bits and pieces sewing related.

Back home and I was too tired to even photograph my fabric, so it was a cool shower and an evening laid on the sofa for me.

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