Tuesday 16 May 2017

Beautiful Britain - Beaumaris, Anglesey

This week's post takes us back to our week's holiday on the Isle of Anglesey and our visit to the very lovely Beaumaris.

We had called into Beaumaris, very briefly, early on in our week's stay on the island and I had been particularly taken with the pastel coloured houses. We were really looking forward to spending a bit more time here, having a good look round and trying to get some good photos for the album.

We'd had a few days of wet weather and we'd been waiting for it to pick up a bit for our return visit and we got lucky on the last day of our holiday.

We were blessed with a little bit of blue sky, though it was very windy, but best of all it wasn't raining.

We parked up on the front at the castle end of the town and headed out for a good wander.

Whilst we didn't actually visit the castle we did have a good walk around the perimeter. There are some real good photo opportunities to be had from outside and we made the most of poking the camera through the railings.
We then had a wander up the main street, which has a few little shops worth a mooch. I was particularly fond of Janet Bell's Gallery, which was basically a little shop dedicated to all things Hygge, which is something I am fast becoming fascinated with.

At the opposite end of the town I managed to snag a few shots of the pastel coloured houses, which looked really pretty in the afternoon sunshine.
Even on a dull day, there are great views from this end of town, back over the Strait to the pier, against the backdrop of the Snowdonian mountains, which was next on our agenda.
It was very very breezy on the pier but the views over to Snowdonia and back across the town were well worth bracing ourselves against the wind for.

It was then back into town for a visit to the Beau tea rooms, which were a real treat.
It's only a small place, with just five tables, but it's really cosy, full of vintage bits and pieces, good food, good service and the best orange drizzle cake I've tasted.
We would both definitely recommend a stop off here if you are over this way.

That was about it for our visit. We really liked Beaumaris. We spent a good three hours here, but it could easily be a day out if you fit in a visit to the castle and the gaol. So, if you're over this way add it to the list places you definitely need to visit.

We did manage to fit a bit of a detour off the beaten track in on our way back to Cochwillan Cottage, in search of a Geocache, which was, quite literally, at the end of the road ...

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