Thursday 21 March 2024

My Decluttering Journey #2 :: The Walk-in Wardrobe

Hi there everyone πŸ˜€

I know you may have been expecting my next decluttering update to show me finishing off the kitchen cupboards but today I’ve hit the walk in wardrobe. 

I know it may seem a bit of a random way to go about things but the cupboard was overdue a spring clean so it seemed to make sense to have a good sort through at the same time.

To be fair I did do a big clothes declutter a couple of years ago and I have been pretty good at keeping on top of things with a bit of a ‘one in one out’ mantra.

However, I was still surprised to find that the only thing that ended up leaving the house on this session was an empty cardboard box … which basically just had the spare coat hangers it had contained being moved into one of the suitcases.

I did completely empty the cupboard of clothes …
Suitcases …
… and two boxes of craft stuff and fabric …
I washed all of the walls down, cleaned the skirting boards and vacuumed the carpet before basically putting everything back in πŸ™ˆ
Clothes wise this cupboard holds winter coats, dresses and tops for special occasions (which very rarely see the light of day), my one and only skirt (which hasn’t actually been worn for a number of years so is on its last chance), a bag of very summery and, possibly, just a little bit tight tops that I can’t bear to part with just yet and cut offs, shorts, leggings and trousers …
I have turned the coat hangers around the wrong way so I can keep track of what I wear this year and I am promising to myself that I will look at this cupboard again in the autumn when I’m sure there will be a few bits that hit the charity shop pile if they haven’t seen the light of day …
The suitcases were sorted through … they just really hold bags and rucksacks that do all get used on different occasions so there was nothing to go from there … other than the cardboard box. 

I wasn’t up for decluttering craft stuff or fabric today as that will be a job all of its own as I have craft stuff and fabric squirrelled away all over the place, including in some of the wardrobes at mum’s, so I think that will all need getting out in one go … I will certainly need to build myself up for that one.

I know it’s only a small step towards my overall goal but in the words of that big supermarket … Every Little Helps 😜



  1. Good grief - well done 😁not one of my favourite jobs!

    1. It was a quick win. A nice small contained space with not much to get rid of. I probably could have been more ruthless but I’m calling it done. I probably won’t do any more for ages now. At least I’ve got started though πŸ˜€


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