Holiday Cottage Reviews

Whilst we do like going abroad for holiday sunshine, we love our cottage holidays in the UK and would say it is our favourite type of holiday.

We also used to love camping, but with creaking joints and age creeping up on us, we get a bit more comfort from a cottage holiday, whilst maintaining the freedom that comes with self catering.

I guess it's not for everyone.  You still have to make your own beds, if you feel like it, and you do still have to cook your own tea, unless, of course, you head to a local pub.  And yes, the weather can be a problem, but what could be better than cosying up in front of an open fire, eating a slow cooker meal and watching a DVD after a day out walking or biking in the cold and probably wet? And every now and then the weather does surprise you and, because it was a surprise, it's all the more enjoyable.

There are so many amazing and interesting places to see in this country that we think we've got a lot more cottage holidays to do before we tire of what we have on our own doorstep.

On this page I plan to provide candid and honest reviews, with photographs, of some of the cottages that we stay in.  I hope we might inspire you to get out there and see more of what this country has to 
Urlay Nook :: Askrigg, The Yorkshire Dales

The Old Piggery :: Sidbury, Devon


  1. Was so pleased to read your blog and watch the film of the lane up to Buzzard View cottage as we are booked in there this coming September and I was feeling a bit anxious about the steep lane. Now I am really looking forward to seeing it all.

  2. Hi there Julie - Thanks for your comments. It's good to know that people are coming across my blog and finding it useful. The lane is a real adventure, I am sure you will love it.



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