Wednesday 23 July 2014

Impromptu Barbie!

Yesterday, I got up to glorious sunshine.  I had a quick weather check and it looked to be the same all day and I really wanted to make the most of it.

Whilst we have had some great weather so far this year, most of it seems to have been in the week, with the weekends not being so good.  That, plus Martin working away for a number of weekends, we really don't seem to have had much BBQ activity so far.

I decided to make the most of the weather yesterday and have an impromptu mid-week BBQ.  I know, random!!

I invited mum and dad, decked out the garden, did a bit of dead heading and raided the freezer.

Martin got home from work to find us in the garden, under the umbrellas, drinking Pimms.

We started with our favourite, grilled Halloumi cheese, followed by big fat cheeseburgers in cheesy topped buns and some random bits of meat we had scraped together between us.  We had it with a gorgeous Chicken and Mango Salad and some other bits and pieces.

I'd knocked up a Frangipane Tart, with blueberries out of the garden, for dessert.

We had a lovely evening.  As dad said ..... good surroundings, good company, good food, good wine, what more do you need?

Already looking forward to more impromptu BBQ'ing over the summer.

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