Thursday 3 July 2014

Photograhy Workshop!

Yesterday I got to do something I never would have done if I'd still been working,  I just never would have had the time, and it was just lovely.

I got to spend pretty much a full day with my friends' daughter Hannah, just the two of us.  I've known Hannah and her sister Megan, since they were both born.  I'm actually Megan's God Mother.  Whilst we are not technically related, I'm a bit of an honorary auntie to both of them.

Hannah is 16 now and has just finished her GCSEs, like 'O' Levels to us oldies, so she's pretty much finished school for the Summer and I, of course, have all the time in the World for any activity that may loosely fall into the term of 'Pottering'.

Hannah's not long had a new Nikon DSLR camera and we decided to spend some time together seeing if I could give her any help on getting the best out of it.  I was a bit unsure as to how much help I would be, after all, I'm a Canon girl myself.

Anyway, as it turned out, although they may look a bit different, when it comes to using them, there are lots of similarities that made it a worthwhile exercise.

We were really lucky with the weather and got to spend loads of time in the Garden at Number 27, taking lots of photos of what's going on at the moment.  We even got to do a bit of sneaky picture taking in the Garden at Number 29!

Our main focus for our day (focus, do you see what I did there?) was depth of field.  Once we'd taken lots of pictures, we spent some time on the computer looking at and critiquing what we'd both done.  I think we were both pleased with the results.

After a very leisurely lunch, in the garden, we then got to have a very quick walk down the canal, which is just 5 minutes down the road.  We got to take some more photos of canal boats making their way through the locks.  We were both really surprised at how busy it was, with a queue of boats waiting to traverse the locks for as far as the eye could see.

When Hannah's mum, Jo, came to pick her up, we were both sat in the garden, sunning ourselves and eating ice lollies.  She'd been shopping and doing chores and we just knew that we'd had a far more chilled out day than she'd had.

It was lovely to get to spend time together and I hope we get chance to do it again.  Perhaps next time we can wander into town and have a go at taking pictures of some architecture.  Yes, we do have a castle in Tamworth you know!


  1. Thanks so much for an amazing day! Took some great photos (actually I've just been looking through them to select the best ones to show off!) and was introduced to some magazines available to buy from online which help you to make the most of your camera (mine's a Nikon D3100 if you were wondering) instead of re-reading the manual.
    I'd love to be able to photograph people but it's a tricky subject, to get people at their best angle, etc, etc. Though if you get a gorgeous model it does make it a lot easier! Thanks again
    Hannah :)

    1. Well obviously you don't need to worry about photographing people when I'm around, because I'm the most gorgeous model available locally! The photos look really good, by the way!
      Well done Han and auntie carol!

      Meg xxxx


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