Friday 14 November 2014

I'm So Excited!!

Now, if you follow my blog regularly, you'll know that my normal blog posting day is a Monday, in between the washing and the other Internet bits and pieces that I seem to get engrossed in at the beginning of the week. 

Well, this week I just can't wait till Monday to share this news. 

You may remember, back in June I did a post about my life of pottering six months in. Well, it all looked a bit boring and serious, with no pictures, so I included the photos that I had entered for Martin and I into the National Trust Bodnant Garden photo competition just to jazz it up a bit. 

The theme of the competition was 'Why I love Bodnant' and there was a junior and adult category. There was to be a winner and a runner up in each category and then 8 additional photos that would be highly commended. These twelve photos would be included in the Bodnant Garden 2015 calendar and also displayed in the entrance tunnel to the garden. 

Well, Martin called me from work yesterday to say he'd had an email from a lady at Bodnant telling him that one of the photos that he had entered had been highly commended. 

She had said that there were so many wonderful entries, the judges found it impossible to narrow the selection to twelve pictures, so as well as the winning photos and the runners up they have 19 Highly Commended pictures.  These will all feature in the calendar in some way, and a small number will also displayed in the garden entrance tunnel, along with the winners and runners up.

So here it is again, in all it's glory. 

It doesn't always have to be tidy!

Whilst Martin and I would both say that this probably isn't technically the 'best' photo that we took while we were at Bodnant, we both thought that it would be a bit different from shots of flowers and trees and would demonstrate that Bodnant is a garden to be interacted with and enjoyed by all, rather than just looked at. 

I have to say I am a little disappointed that none of my own entries made the grade, but this is far more than made up for by how proud I am of Martin's achievement and the team photography shop at Number 27!

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