Friday 28 November 2014

Norfolk - Sandringham Christmas Craft Fair

We wanted to squeeze as much out of our week's holiday as we possibly could and Martin and I decided that we would stop off at the Sandringham Christmas Craft & Food Fair on the way home from our week in Norfolk.

We were really glad we did.  Whilst we did have to pay £6.50 each to get in, there was lots to see and we did pick up a few bits and pieces.

There were loads of different crafts, and food, on show and it was good that the stalls weren't all repeated. Sometimes at this kind of fair there are only a few different things on show, that wasn't the case here.

There was all sorts on display and some of the craftsmen were actually working on the site.
We were particularly taken with the chocolate stall.  There were all sorts of different things made from chocolate and all were made to look like rusty old metal.  It was fascinating.

Not quite so fascinating were the rural facilities!!

At least we were there quite early on in the day!

After a good walk round we decided to head for the warmth and comfort of the Sandringham Estate Visitor centre for lunch, which was excellent and just what we needed on a cold Winter's day.
It was then time to finally call time on our week's holiday and join the Friday traffic in heading for home.

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