Monday 1 December 2014

In the Garden - November

I was beginning to think that this post just might not materialise.

We'd had such a busy November, it was the last day of the month and we hadn't been anywhere near the garden. It was most definitely not because there was nothing that needed doing!

Luckily the morning of the 30th dawned, bright and dry. Neither of us really felt like doing much but decided that the garden needed to be a priority, there was just so much needed doing and we weren't likely to get the benefit of good weather for much longer.

Captain thought it was a crazy idea!

So, we ventured into the shed to find the hedge trimmer and the leaf sucker, got our scruffs on and were ready to go.

We started with a good clear up out the front, trimming the hedge and clearing the borders, to give the bulbs some space to poke through.  It looked loads better when we'd done and you can see the before and after shots below.

Having made such a good impact in not that much time inspired us to do some serious leaf clearing round the back.  We hadn't done any at all as yet so the borders were pretty much knee deep in leaves that looked far better on the trees!!
There's still lots more to do, but our enthusiasm is waning as the end of the year draws near and the sunny days give way to cold and damp.

One thing we did notice whilst out there was that, though Winter has only just begun, there are a few signs of Spring about already!
Whilst the mood took me I did arrange for mum to come over next week for an afternoon so we could have another go at it, but I'm feeling cold and tired already, just thinking about it!

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