Monday 22 December 2014

3 More Sleeps to go ......

If you are in the UK and you listen to Heart FM on the radio at this time of year you will be more than familiar with their 'sleeps to Santa' song. 

Today they will be singing .... 

3 more sleeps to go 
3 more sleeps till Santa 
3 more sleeps till a big fat fella 
Comes down your chimney 
And brings you presents 
3 more sleeps till Santa 

It repeats and repeats and gets faster and faster! 

Whilst the Christmas period for Martin and I doesn't involve us in lots of effort, we do have a busy week out and about coming up. We are off to see Andre Rieu this week at his re-scheduled concert in Birmingham. We are then out with friends for tea in Lichfield on Christmas Eve, off to mum and dad's on Christmas day with all the family and then to more friends on Boxing Day for the traditional turkey and chips lunch. 

We shall then flake out on the sofa and just watch TV on catch up for the weekend and not speak to a soul other than each other. 

I thought now would be a good time to wish everyone who reads my posts a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year. 

I also wanted to thank you all for reading. It's been nearly a year now since I started my blog and I didn't really know where it would take me or how it would turn out. After all, it was something that was completely new to me, I'm not even on Facebook! 

I can't believe how much I enjoy doing it and how I am still finding such a variety of stuff to write about. I shall definitely be carrying on with it in 2015. 

Whilst I don't get very many comments, I can see from the blog stats that people are reading my posts, almost as many in the US as in the UK, which I find absolutely fascinating. I often wonder who it is, other than my friends and family, that reads my posts and what it is about them that they find interesting. 

I'd love to hear from you. If you have the time, please drop me a comment and let me know. It's dead easy to leave a comment, but if you're not sure how you can find out here. 

That's all from me for now. No doubt I'll be back to sneak in a post between Christmas and the New Year, so I'll see you all then.

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