Monday 15 December 2014

It's most definitely a wrap!

We didn't really have anything at all on the agenda for Sunday, so it looked like we would be in for a nice relaxing day. How come it never turns out like that.

As there was not much doing, and the weather wasn't too bad, Martin decided to clean the car. 

At a bit of a loose end I thought I'd give the Christmas wrapping a go and am proud to say the whole lot is now done!!! 

I think I can say that "Yep, that most definitely is a wrap!"

For those of you who know me well there will be no surprise to see that there is a bit of purple going on in my wrapping this year.

Martin then decided he'd have a go at making rice wine ...... From scratch. All I can say is that it doesn't look that appetising so far!! Although, the house does smell of Christmas pudding!

All in all a very productive day. 

Not sure what happened to the rest and relaxation though.  Maybe next weekend!

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