Friday 17 April 2015

The Peak District - Cycling The Manifold Trail

On Wednesday we had a nice lie in and a bacon sarnie and decided that we would head out on the bikes.  After all. We didn't want to have carted them all the way up here and not use them.

The forecast looked as though there was a lunchtime gap in the rain so the timing suited us perfectly and we headed out. 

We rode down from the cottage, through the Swainsley tunnel and down to Wetton Mill .... We hadn't realised just how downhill it was, we would certainly pay for that on the way back. 
We went past the Mill onto the Manifold Way cycle trail, which took us past Thors Cave and Beeston Tor and ended up at Waterhouses. 
We decided, as it was the first time we'd been out on the bikes for a good while, that we wouldn't complete the whole trail, especially as it all seemed downhill on the way out and we were both a bit nervous about how we would perform on the return leg.

We made it as far as Soles Wood, before deciding it was time to head back, as the clouds seemed to be gathering, and we both had aching bottoms and wobbly legs. 
We made it back in one go, though it was a long, slow and steady uphill slog for most of the way, so it must have done us some good.

We managed about 8 miles in all, and we were still standing, so, whilst technically it's not all that far, we were quite pleased with ourselves.  

Time for a nice hot shower before settling in for the afternoon as the rain made it's promised return visit.

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