Sunday 2 February 2014

Poor William

Our close friends will all know how much we loved William.  William was the most loving, lovable, curious and playful cat ever.

He started visiting us when we lost our old cat, Monkey, and pretty much moved in, only going home at breakfast and tea times.

He actually lived across the road with three other cats, a couple of dogs and some people too, of course.

We think he loved coming to us for the peace and quiet and to be able to get all of the advantages that would have come with being an 'only cat'.

He could drive us to distraction, he was literally into everything, but we loved him to bits and we think he loved us too.

He'd often sit on our front garden wall and delight at being fussed by random passers by, who all thought he lived with us, and he was always waiting for us when we got home, either just from work or when we'd been away on holiday.

He had lots of favourite spots to sleep the day away, but once it was time to settle down for the evening and a bit of TV, there was only one place to find him.  That was on Martin's knee, either being inquisitive as to what Martin was looking at on the iPad, sniffing Martin's whisky or just curled up having a snooze.

We will both miss him lots, our lives just won't be the same without him.

Night night William, we love you.


  1. Missing my " little bro' ", my mate...

    Why did you have to go so young when you had a lifetime of playfull inquisitiveness ahead of you?

    We both miss you loads and you will always be in our thoughts !

    Good night Poor William.......................

  2. Ps. To all those who didn't know William, the pictures are him to a playfull, mischievous, loveable "T".................


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