Monday 24 February 2014

Pottering - Week 3

Martin has been off to London with work this week and was away for a few nights, which made for a fairly quiet week. You will have seen that I made my acquaintance with Davina and we kept in touch for four days.  I am planning the same for this week and have already had the exercise mat out again this morning!

I managed to have a good sort out of a couple of boxes of stuff that I'd brought home from work, including appraisals going back to the 70s!  Boy, things were different back then.  We always used to say that you could knit the sleeve of a cardi on a Wednesday afternoon on the counter - can you imagine?

One benefit of Martin being away was that I had the car for a few days and managed to make a bit of an effort to visit some friends.  I saw Jackie, who just lives round the corner and doesn't work on a Wednesday, not that I really need the car to pop round there!  I came home with a big bag of books, mainly Erica James, an author that is new to me.  I've nearly finished my first one already - it was definitely a quieter week!

I also visited Martha, as it was her 7th birthday.  She had a great time visiting the hairdressers with her friends where they all had their hair and nails done.  They all then went to Frankie and Benny's for tea.  Whatever happened to musical chairs and jelly and ice cream?  She is really growing up fast - it doesn't seem like five minutes since she was born.

Martin and I have spent ages looking through more of Peggy's treasures and have been fascinated by the postcards and cards from his granddad, William Preston Sidney, to his gran, Ethel Walshaw, in WW1.  It has inspired us to do more research and to try and put together an account of his war years, which I am sure we will be sharing with you all over the coming weeks.

This week my plans include another day in school, where we will be interviewing for a new teacher, more time with Davina, lots of research into Will Sidney's war and booking a big cottage for a family holiday in November to celebrate my 50th birthday.  I'll also be able to let you know how I'm getting on with 'making my money go further' and what's been happening in the garden this month.

I'm amazed at how quickly I've adapted to my new 'Life of Pottering' - long may it continue!

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