Tuesday 4 February 2014

Desultory? Not me!

When I decided on the name for my blog - Life of Pottering - I thought it might be interesting to look up a dictionary definition of the word 'pottering'.

When I searched of a definition on Google this is what I found .....

Pottering - "Occupying oneself in a desultory or pleasant way"

Desultory - I didn't much like the sound of that, but thought I'd have a look and see what that meant too .....

Desultory - "Lacking a plan, purpose or enthusiasm"

Oh dear!  Desultory is most definitely NOT what I am looking for from my new life.

As I have always been big on having a plan or a purpose and would, generally speaking, consider myself enthusiastic, I felt the need to record some personal goals for my new life.  Not work type, must be SMART kind of goals, just things that would give me a plan and sense of purpose that I could get enthusiastic about, so in no particular order of priority, here goes .....
  1. Start a blog
  2. Be more creative
  3. Learn to take better photos
  4. Get fitter
  5. Keep in touch
  6. Make my money go further
  7. Be happy
  8. Add value to Society
  9. Keep on top of general household and garden activities
  10. Have less stress
I know, woolly!  But hey, as long as I know I'm progressing on each one each week (or maybe month), and I'm sure I'll be sharing this with you all, then I'm happy.  See - Number 7 well on the way already.

There was another definition that I came across for the word 'pottering'.  Probably easier to show you than to try and explain it.

Happy Pottering everyone!!


  1. Is this where the picture of the broomsticks should be? I can't view it on my iPad :(

    1. It's actually a YouTube clip. For some reason it doesn't appear on the iPad, but it does on the big computer. I can't find out why on Google so I've phoned a friend. I am such an amateur!


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