Monday 17 February 2014

Pottering - Week 2

So, week 2 of my new life.  Am I still loving it?  You bet I am!

Last week felt really hectic.  We went off to Doncaster for the day and I spent a full day in school looking at policies and shortlisting for a teacher position, as part of my acting-Chair duties.  Very productive.  I've been a School Governor at the same school for nigh on 20 years and it's so nice to have the chance to spend more time there.

I've carried on with the blog and am having to ration myself as it could take over my life, it's the best leaving present ever.  I've had a few comments and I've even inspired a colleague to start blogging and my God daughter, Rachel, to make rice crispie cakes.  I'm definitely going to be keeping up to date with what's happening on Paula's allotment.

I also got to drive Martin's car and I am madly missing my Mazda.

I had a go with my Karcher window vacuum that I had for Christmas.  Best fun I've had cleaning windows ever, and no smears, bonus!!  Thanks Lesley, cool Christmas present, though it may not have sounded too exciting at the time.

One of my objectives was around making my money go further and I have discovered some really useful web sites which are helping with this, I'll tell you all more about these in the weeks to come.

On the getting fitter side, I have taken the cellophane of Davina.

I've cooked two new things this week, mustardy sausage with Apple, which we will have to have again so I can take pictures and share the recipe with you all, and an adaptation of an old favourite, sausage slice, made with haggis.  I have had two in the freezer for ages and am trying to be creative with using them.

We've started to have a real good look through Peggy's treasures and here is a glimpse of some of the vintage costume jewellery that she had. 
There are some really interesting stories behind some of the WW1 memorabilia too.  The dining room table is covered in bits and pieces waiting to be researched to see what they can tell us.

We've also been out for a nice walk and a spot of caching at Wall, following by cake of course. 

What's on for the coming week?  Not much from the looks of the calendar, I may have no further excuse for not getting better acquainted with Davina this space.

It's our friends' daughter's Martha's 8th birthday this week, so we'll be making a visit and Martin might be away for a couple of nights ..... Will I get bored on my own, or will I just watch all the soaps with no grumbling or snoring to interfere with my pleasure?

I also need to get out in the garden to take some more photos in readiness for my February 'in the garden' update.

I love pottering.  Desultory, definitely not me!!

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