Monday 3 February 2014

Blog Comments

Lots of people have asked me how they can comment on my Blog posts.  How exciting is that?

I've had a bit of a play and have changed settings so that anyone can comment without having to register any accounts anywhere.

Martin has done a test and all you have to to do is:
  1. Click the link on the left hand side of the 'Home' page to select the post that you wish to comment on.
  2. At the bottom of the post you will see a thank you for your comment message from me and a text box.  Click in the text box and enter your comment.  Keep it clean, please!
  3. If previous comments have been posted you will be able to either reply to a previous comment or add a new comment of your own.
  4. Click in 'Comment as:' box and select 'Name/URL' and type in your name and click 'Continue'. There is no need to worry about the URL bit, that sounds far too technical for me.
  5. Select 'Publish' and type the text that appears in the box.
  6. Select 'Publish' again.
  7. You will then receive a message confirming that your comment will be visible after approval.
This is all very new and I am learning as I go, so if you need to comment to say that this post about how you comment isn't quite right, then just go for it.


  1. I'm commenting! Really enjoying your blog, got a few girls at work into it too! See you soon :)

  2. I am enjoying the blog and look forward to my own life of pottering. x

  3. I can most definitely recommend it.

  4. blog comments are a vital part of your blog marketing strategy. They allow people to comment on your post and share their thoughts about what they've read.


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