Monday 10 February 2014

My latest recycling tip

It was Saturday evening and I was sat on the stool in the kitchen whilst Martin was preparing tea, Chicken Dhansak, lovely.  Martin was taking the label off an empty lentil tin, so that he could recycle both the tin and the paper label separately.  I know, who can be bothered?

Anyway, the tin was just sitting there on the draining board and I suddenly had a thought.  We had a pot of basil on the window sill, sitting in a cereal bowl, and I said to Martin, what do you think the basil would like like in the lentil tin?  Obviously he brought up all the practical difficulties of taking this course of action, mainly that there would be no drainage, but he went with my thinking and transferred the basil to the tin.

As you can see, it looked pretty cool.  Our kitchen is tiled in charcoal, cream and a lighter grey, so it looked great on the windowsill.  We would just have to remember to water it ........... but not over water it.
We saved the plastic pot that the basil came in for planting in the greenhouse and I sent Martin out to the 'pottering shed' to see what other herb seeds we had as I could quickly vision a row of tin can pots of herbs growing on my windowsill, just like in all the TV cookery programmes.

I must have been watching too many Great Interior Design Challenge programmes - they have been pretty inspiring.

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