Monday 24 August 2015

Last Week I ...........

Had a wander into town and spotted one of the local 'Trotters' Trail' ...
You may have heard of the 'Paddington Trail' that charmed the streets of London at the end of last year and raised over £930,000 for Childline when some of the bears were auctioned off at Christie's in December.

You may also have heard of the 'Shaun the Sheep' trail which has also graced London and is currently on display around Bristol. Again, once the exhibition is finished, the sculptures will be 'ewe-sed' to raise funds for another children's charity.

You may even have heard of the 'Scrumpty' trail, currently on display in Gloucester to celebrate the Rugby World Cup 2015.

I even spotted a 'GoGo Dragons' sculpture trail on a friend's Twitter feed this week.  This trail brings 84 large dragon sculptures to the City of Norwich.

So, you can only imagine my delight when I started to spot evidence that my local town, Tamworth, seemed to be jumping on the bandwagon, with the introduction of its very own 'Trotters' Trail', inspired by our spectacular Sandybacks.  You can find out more about the 'Trotters' Trail' here.

Went on an impromptu Geocaching walk in the local countryside with mum and dad ...
Mum rang me on Monday night to ask if I fancied going out on a Geocaching walk with her and dad on Tuesday.

Well, I'd got a bit behind with my daily constitutional so I jumped at the chance.  It was only a short walk of about three miles, with 11 caches to find, so it sounded just about right for me.

They picked me up bright and early and we drove out to Harlaston, a small, and very pretty, village just outside of Tamworth.

It was a lovely day and we had a really good walk, it was nice and flat, with really well marked paths, and we managed to find all of the caches to boot!  We also ended up meeting up with lots of other cachers, who were also out and about.
We also saw plenty of the local wildlife, some fairly traditional, others ..... not quite so ....

Received an exciting delivery of a stack of new fat quarters ...
I am more excited and inspired then I can tell you just thinking about what I can do with these beauties.

Made a ruffled wallet and a tooth fairy cushion ...
It's been a long old time since I did any serious sewing and I have really enjoyed getting back into it. I've surprised myself with how well these two experiments have turned out and I already have my next projects lined up.

I mean .... a tooth fairy cushion .... how come I never had one of those?

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