Thursday 22 October 2015

Guernsey - Continuing our Tour around the Coast

For the next leg of our Guernsey coastal tour we started out from Fort Hommet, where we finished off last time.

Grand Rocque Fort was our first stop, which was a real treat.

The weather was bright, sunny and warm, and we pretty much had the place to ourself.  It was another quiet and beautiful spot, with amazing views in all directions.  On a day like today you could be anywhere, warm sunshine, blue skies and sea, who needs the med??

Again, it was really strange, seeing where the WW2 fortifications had been intertwined with the ancient.

We are just loving mooching around all of these old historic places.

Later in the week we continued our tour around the coast of the island, from Grand Rocque.

This time it started out quite cloudy, though it picked up for full sunshine by lunchtime.  It was not quite so picturesque as the last couple of days but we still managed to pick up a couple of Martello towers, an unexpected bird hide and a picnic lunch along the way.

The first of the Martello towers was at Rousse, where, compared to the rest of the week, it was a little gloomy.
Before continuing around the bay we had a Geocache in our sights.  This one was a bit of a scramble to a very overgrown WW2 lookout post overlooking the bay.  We were quite proud that we actually made it to this one.
You can see it's starting to brighten up a bit and that's the Rousse Martello tower you can see in the background.

On our way around the bay we stopped at a very unexpected bird hide, just on the side of the road, to pick up a Geocache.  The views from the hide were a real treat.  Without caching, we would never have know this little spot was there, it literally looked just like a bus shelter.
We continued around the bay and the gloomy weather soon lifted.  By the time we were on the other side of the bay, looking back at the Rousse Martello tower, the bright warm sunshine was back out in full force, allowing for a picnic lunch on a bench overlooking the bay.  It was just beautiful.
We then also managed to pull in another Martello tower, the local dump, landfill area, oil quarry, gun club and a spot used for flying model aeroplanes. We were definitely on our way to the industrial side of the island.

We had almost finished our coastal tour of the island, there is just one more installment of this journey to come.

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