Monday 26 October 2015

Guernsey - The Last of our Coastal Tour

It was the penultimate full day of our holiday and we really wanted to finish off our tour around the coast of the North East tip of the island which we hadn't yet seen, before heading out back to the west coast to take in a sunset and to grab some fish and chips.

We started out at Fort Pembroke and the most beautiful beach we've ever seen.  We wandered past our first Martello tower of the day and up to the fort, where it was quite breezy, to say the least, but just beautiful all the same.
This was followed by lunch with one hell of a view.  L'Ancresse Bay just stretches as far as you can see in both directions.  
After lunch we walked up to the nearest Martello tower and the views looking back over the bay were amazing.  The whole bay is is just surrounded on the coast side with a ring of Martello towers.  You can see them for as far as the eye can see.
It was then further around the North East tip to Fort Doyle, ending up at Beaucette Marina, to end off our pretty much full island coastal tour.
It was back to Rose Cottage for a quick pitstop, before heading back out to Fort Grey for our sunset. And what a sunset it was, we took loads of photos and I've tried to just pick out the best to share with you. We were very surprised to see two groups of people taking an evening dip .... it was pretty chilly.
We followed off the sunset with fish and chips from the chippy, ate sat in the car, watching the sea ... lovely.

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