Monday 2 November 2015

Guernsey - The Little Chapel

Whilst we did spend the majority of our time on Guernsey exploring the coast, we did manage to fit in a few more bits of sightseeing throughout the course of our time on the island.

When we were greeted at Rose Cottage by our lovely host, he told us that visiting Guernsey and not seeing The Little Chapel, is like going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower.

It was definitely added, as a priority, to our list of places to visit whilst we were here.

We weren't disappointed.  It's only a tiny little place, but it is breathtaking.

The day we visited it was a beautiful bright sunny day and it was really hard to get our photographs to do justice to the mosaics, as the glare from the sun was causing us a few problems.

We persevered and ended up being there ages, whilst trying to get some decent pictures.  I hope you like what we've ended up with.

We did manage to also visit a few other places whilst on Guernsey and we would definitely recommend the Underground Museum, the Occupation Museum and the German Naval Signals HQ.

All really tell the story of Guernsey during the occupation and tell lots of poignant stories about people's lives on the island during this time.  Most definitely food for thought.

I have just one more post to publish about our holiday on Guernsey, just in time for us to be heading off on our travels again.  This time we won't be going far, but hopefully it will be just as lovely.

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