Monday 9 November 2015

Guernsey - Coming Home

Well ... this is it ... my last Guernsey holiday post!

Whilst we were on Guernsey we did manage to pull in a good few museum visits, as well as our coastal tour.

We were really keen to visit a number of the WW2 museums and managed to fit in trips to the Signals Museum, the Underground Museum and the Occupation Museum.

All were really well worth the visit.  The Occupation Museum especially, had lots of personal stories and mementos of what happened to individual people in the war and it was absolutely fascinating.

Before we knew it, it was time to pack up and head for home.
We managed to pull in a quick breakfast by the bathing pools, with the tide in, before a, thankfully, uneventful boarding of The Liberation to begin our onward journey back to Poole and then home.

Although it was a nice easy boarding, it was just a little rough o the way back and I was as sick as a dog.  I think it will be a long time before I travel with Condor again.

In spite of our travel shenanigans we loved our holiday on Guernsey and would most definitely recommend a visit if you get the chance.

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