Monday 16 November 2015

International Earth Cache Day

International EarthCache Day 2015The 2nd Sunday in October is an important date on the Geocaching calendar.

It's what's known as International Earth Cache Day,

It's a day when a virtual souvenir badge is available to all cachers completing an Earth Cache.

Last year we headed out with mum and dad and completed an Earth cache on Cannock Chase.

This year we had to go a little bit further afield, to find an Earth cache that we hadn't completed, and we were off to Barr Beacon, a local beauty spot and war memorial, with amazing views over Birmingham.

I have to confess that I did used to come here when a lot younger and not for Geocaching!!

It was a really lovely bright day but the wind nearly took us off our feet when we got out of the car.

We were greeted by an amazing and huge kite flying above us.  It seemed to be either a giant squid or octopus, not sure which.

We had a really good walk, taking in the war memorial and finding the information that we needed to be able to complete the Earth cache, before completing a few other caches that were also in the park.
Out of the wind, it was actually quite warm.

We felt quite virtuous, having completed our bracing walk, but soon headed for home to claim our souvenir.

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