Monday 14 December 2015

Thorpe, Derbyshire - Stepping Stones & Tissington

It was the last full day of our week's break staying at The Rest, a lovely warm, cosy and relaxing cottage in Thorpe, in the lovely Peak District.

After a slow start we decided that it would be wrong to have stayed here and not at least have visited the stepping stones, so that's exactly what we did.

It was raining and the river was pretty high, and had flooded it's bank in places, but we were dressed for it and soon ended up back in one of our favourite spots, where we messed about taking photos for a bit before heading back to the car.
We then decided that Tissington might be worth another try and we were pleased that we did, as the gorgeous gift and sweet shops were both open for business and we couldn't help but make just a few purchases.

Both shops are definitely worth a special trip. The gift shop was overflowing with beautiful things, all colour coordinated and looking amazing. The sweet shop was a real treat too and we couldn't resist fudge, flying saucers, jazzies and violet creams.

It was then Back to The Rest for our last afternoon of chilling, hot tub, peppered venison with Gorgonzola scones, which had been bubbling all day in the slow cooker, and a last evening of TV, before heading for home and the madness that comes with the preparations for Christmas.

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