Monday 16 May 2016

Beautiful Britain - Whitby, North Yorkshire

In our opinion Whitby is one of the prettiest and most interesting small towns on the Yorkshire coast, though there are also lots more smaller gems to be found.

It's been a good few years since we've visited, although it used to be a childhood favourite for Martin, who is a Yorkshire lad, and we were both looking forward to a gentle stroll by the sea in the sunshine, a mooch round the quaint little shops and a visit to the abbey.

It was a nice easy drive to Whitby from our holiday cottage, Wykewood, where we were staying during our latest holiday on the lovely Yorkshire coast, and we were lucky enough to get to spend two sunny days exploring.

Our first visit started off on the West side with a good wander around the harbour area and the small streets filled with olde worlde shops, before waiting for the swing bridge to do it's thing before heading over the the East side. 
We had another good wander around, dipping in and out of the moochy little shops before stopping for a sit in the sunshine by the lifeboat station, where we admired the view through the lobster pots and picked up the first Geocache of the holiday.
We also managed a sneaky peak through the door at the lifeboat crew's wardrobe ... Very tidy don't you think?
As we were taking it easy we decided not to make the climb up the steps to the church and the abbey, but to save that for another day.

We did get a bit sidetracked on our way back to the car though, by these absolutely beautiful orange tulips. We couldn't resist stopping for a few more pictures. Have you ever seen anything quite so vibrant?
Our second visit to Whitby would be with real purpose! We both wanted to visit the Abbey. I've never been, though I've seen it from a distance plenty of times, and Martin's last visit was on a school trip, staying in the Youth Hostel nearby.

I'll tell you more about our next visit in my next post.

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