Monday 13 June 2016

Beautiful Britain - Scarborough, North Yorkshire

The last of my North Yorkshire coast holiday posts finds us in Scarborough. Love it or hate it, and I'm not sure which I actually do, it's always worth a visit when we are up that way.
It was a lovely bright day and the seafront was heaving with visitors enjoying a day in the sunshine by the sea ... It's most definitely not a place to visit if you're looking for peace and tranquility!

We parked up in the town centre and had a gentle wander down the hill, nipping in and out of pretty little shops, coming out about half way along the seafront.
We made our way towards the North end along the front, passing the craziness of Scarborough on a very busy sunny afternoon.  

We were heading for the sea food hut, where we picked up lunch, a lovely fresh prawn sandwich for me and Martin's favourite crab baguette for him.

We carried on, past the funfair and along the most Northern pier.
We enjoyed an Al fresco lunch under the gaze of the 'Bathing Belle', with great views back across the fishing pier to town, and the castle in the distance.
After lunch we headed back along the seafront towards the cliff railway. You've just gotta love a cliff railway.

We took the cliff railway back up to the top, where it was a little quieter and you could see some of the old grandeur of the town, as well some amazing views back across the bay.

It was then time to wrap up our visit to Scarborough.

So, that's it from me for the North Yorkshire coast, for now. I just know we will be back, and next time ... we may even catch the 'Tour de Yorkshire'.

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