Monday 20 June 2016

HM@No27 - Armitage Village Day

This weekend found us out and about, for the first time this year, with our Hand Made at Number 27 craft stall at the Armitage Village Day.

I'd been preparing for what seemed like ages and had lots of lovely new things, as well as plenty of old favourites for sale.

It's only the second time we've taken Hand Made at Number 27's wares out on the road, so we were a bit nervous, but excited too.

We were up early, car loaded and soon on our way.
As well as having to make sure we had plenty of lovely bits and pieces for sale we'd also had to contend with a 'Queen's 90th Birthday' stall theme. We kind of found this out by accident and, after getting over the initial panic, doing a bit of cutting and sticking and a fair bit of borrowing, we managed to come up with something that we felt would look as though we'd made a good effort.

After a couple of hours unpacking, placing and replacing, lots of sticking, we felt ready ...
We were really pleased with how it turned out. We had lots of compliments on how lovely it all looked and, what started out as a token gesture on the theme front, only went and ended up winning us first prize. We were well chuffed to say the least.

As well as meeting lots of lovely people whilst manning the stall, we did manage to have a bit of a wander round and there was plenty to see and do. The cup cake stall was just amazing and well worthy of a collage just to itself ...
It was a typical English village fete, with a lovely atmosphere, plenty of refreshments courtesy of the local WI, and lots going on. We were lucky enough to be blessed by some decent weather, following all of the rain we have had over the last week or so.
The sun was still shining and there were still plenty of people around when we left. There was still the evening entertainment and fireworks to come.
Here are a few of the bits and pieces that we had on sale today. If there is anything that takes your fancy just hop on over to my Hand Made at Number 27's Facebook page. There is a link in the left hand menu bar. Hope to see you there.
We had a lovely afternoon and are looking forward to another trip out to another school Summer fete in a few weeks time.  Isn't that right Martin?

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