Monday 27 February 2017

On our Doorstep - Alrewas, Staffordshire

It feels like we've been hibernating since October and
seems a long old time since we've been out for
a decent walk. It seems even longer since we did a walk of the Geocaching kind.

Last week we managed to get out, in between the rain showers, for a wander around Alrewas, a village not too far away, where Spring was certainly in the air.

There was a series of caches that offered a nice easy walk around the village and we thought it might be a good way to get us back into the swing, so we picked up mum and dad and headed out.

Alrewas is a village that sits alongside the main A38 road between Lichfield and Burton-on-Trent and is somewhere that we often drive past, but have never really got round to exploring.

We parked up and, hoping for not too much mud, headed out.

Our walk started on the road but soon took us down a public footpath, past the waterworks building and many very nice properties tucked away from the main drag.
At the end of the footpath we decided to head off piste a bit for a wander along the canal.
We drew the line though when it came to ankle deep mud ....
... and made our way back hence we had come, passing our dream house on the way.
We had a bit of a pitstop at the Mill Stream picnic spot, where the ducks were obviously not used to visitors arriving empty handed, though they were disappointed today.
From the Mill Stream it was then on to the local church, where we wandered through the churchyard with spring in full bloom. We admired the carpet of spring flowers, drifts of snowdrops, dotted with crocuses and topped off with very early flowering daffodils. It was a sight to behold and really lifted the spirits on a grey and dull day.
Through the churchyard and a bit of deliberation on where to next soon had us on our way, past more very enviable properties in the loveliest of spots.

We started to feel a few spots of rain and were in the ideal spot for a bit of respite for our aching legs so headed into The Crown for a nice cosy lunch, though I think we must have hit them on a bad day as it was over an hour later that we were back on our way.

We were well on the homeward stretch and it wasn't long before we'd picked up our final finds and found ourselves back where we started, for one last real sign of Spring.

We'd walked about 2.5 miles and, though its not really that far, we felt quite accomplished and were glad to have got back into the swing .... of both having a decent walk and doing a spot of Geocaching.

It turns out we've not fallen out of love with it at all.

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