Monday 5 June 2017

Will Sidney's War - November 1918 - The Armistice & A Wedding

Whilst there are no entries in Will's war diaries for November in 1918, we have had a hunt through Will's official war records and can see, from his Active Service, Casualty Form, that following his release from hospital in October, on 14 November 1918 he was granted one month's re-engagement leave.
In terms of the war November 1918 was a very significant month, with the Armistice being signed between the Allies and Germany at Compiegne in France.

This must be one of the last postcards that Will sent to Ethel before heading for home to take up his leave.
Will writes on the back of the postcard as it being ...
"Where the English entered just before the Armistice was signed."
November 1918 was also a very significant month for Will and Ethel.

After 4 years of war, 3 overseas postings, 6 months in hospital and lots of letters and postcards Will and Ethel finally tied the knot, in Doncaster, on 28 November 1918.

They were married at Christ Church, the very same church where our story started, where Tom Sidney, Will's father, had been encouraged to take on the role of Verger, by his brother-in-law, William Preston. The Marriage Certificate still shows him holding this position at the time of the wedding.
Details of the wedding were announced in the local paper, though Will is referred to as William Burton Sidney, rather that William Preston Sidney.
From the description of the bride's attire and the fact that Peggy, Martin's mum, used to have a larger framed version of this photograph hanging on the wall at home, we are confident that this is their official wedding photograph.
So, this wedding really is the culmination of a romance that spanned the course of WW1. What's next for Will and Ethel? What happens at the end of Will's month of re-engagement leave? I promise to let you know in my next post.

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