Friday 11 October 2019

Joy in the Everyday Ordinary - October, 1-10

Hi there everyone 😀

I am sat here tucked up in the warm and cosy whilst the rain and wind does its thing outside. The weather couldn't be more different from that first week we had on the Isle of Wight, which was but a few weeks ago.

We are definitely into autumn ... the temperatures have dropped, as have plenty of leaves in the garden ... the grass is carpeted with red and gold, the heating has been on and the candles have been lit.

After a full on week back at work for Martin, we are looking forward to a very quiet weekend holed up at home, with not much on the cards at all ... we might even curl up with in front of the fire and watch a film on Sunday afternoon, but for now ... here is what's been happening over here so far for October ...
Day 1 - We waved mum and dad off this morning from The Gossips Cafe on the pier in Yarmouth, before doing a bit of shopping and settling down for a quiet and relaxing afternoon back at Bramble Cottage, where we managed to book a holiday cottage in Scotland for next year 😀
Day 2 - Today was glorious and we had the best pizzas ever overlooking the sea at The Driftwood Beach Bar in Sandown ... it was just bliss.
Day 3 - Another lovely lunch spot ... this time in Shanklin Old Village
Day 4 - After a couple of lazy days we had a good walk today, out across the salt marshes at the Newtown Nature Reserve, which definitely blew the cobwebs away.
Day 5 - Time to say good bye to the Isle of Wight as we sailed out of Yarmouth and headed for home. Always sad to leave a place that we've enjoyed but always good to think about being back at home and getting on with whatever comes next.
Day 6 - Back home and settled in ... time to bring out the pumpkins 🎃
Day 7 - My neighbour has done a fabulous job of looking after my winter bedding, which I fetched back today ... just need to find somewhere to plant it now.
Day 8 - I managed to sneak an hour's worth of crafting in this afternoon to make up some new 'positive affirmation' cards, and I just love how they've turned out.
Day 9 - I had a wander round to Jackie's to pick up the pot I'd painted when we'd visited the Emma Bridgewater factory a while back and, whilst I do love my pot, I always love the couple of hours we have just curled up chilling on the sofa chatting about all and sundry 💜
Day 10 - I donned wellies and had a couple of hours in the garden this morning, just doing a bit of gentle pottering. We planted three liriope plants a few years back and this one is doing amazingly this year ... still nothing on the other two, perhaps I need to move them.


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