Monday 27 January 2020

50 Things before I'm 60 - 2019 Update

Hi there everyone πŸ˜€

Yes, it's that time again. Time to have a look at how I'm getting on with the '50 Things I want to do before I'm 60'.

When I did last year's first review in January 2019 I'd completed 23. I did another review in September where I shared that I'd managed to tick a few more off the list.

As I hit 55 in November I am now just past the half way point so should have completed 25 of the things from my list if I hope to have them all done by the time I hit 60.

I think I'm well on track and I'm not sure if I've actually completed any more since my September review but let's just have a look and see where we are ...

So far I have shared my first 36 goals with you and, of these I have completed the following ...
1 - Hand make Christmas and birthday gifts
2 - Make bramble jelly jam
3 - Have a posh afternoon tea
4 - Visit Balmoral castle

5 - Make something in Mosaic

7 - Holiday on the Suffolk coast
8 - Christmas in a holiday cottage

10 - Upcycle my old placemats
11 - Go camping again, or get rid of the camping gear
12 - Have a cottage holiday on one of the Channel Islands
13 - Run my own business

15 - Visit Rosslin Chapel
16 - Visit The Kelpies

18 - Become an auntie again
19 - Holiday in The New Forest
20 - Go up Snowdon on the Mountain Railway
21 - Replace old wonky and tatty patio in the garden
22 - Decorate all of downstairs

23 - Visit Warner Bros Studios - Harry Potter Tour
24 - Visit Castle Howard

26 - Visit all of the Shakespeare properties in Stratford-upon-Avon
27 - Buy no clothes, shoes or bags for a year
28 - Use less plastic
29 - Visit Portmeirion
30 - Embroider something to display in an embroidery hoop
31 - Celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary
32 - Visit the Longleat Festival of Light

35 - Visit Kew Gardens
36 - Visit The Lichfield Apartments at Shugborough Hall

So ... where am I with those that are missing ...

Well the following all still need more work ...
6 - Complete my on line photography course
9 - Holiday in all of the national parks of Great Britain
14 - Finish off the Explorer 232 series
25 - Finish telling Will Sidney's story and decide what to do with his memorabilia

33 - Turn one of my photos into some form of art
34 - Hold an afternoon tea party in the garden
The only one of these that has really progressed over the last year is 25. I managed to get to the end of Will's war years and have just a couple more posts to write, to cover his life after the war. When I did my update in September I was hoping that 2019 would see this goal completed but sadly that was not the case.

Whilst I haven't managed to complete 34 ... I'm blaming the weather. I did manage to hold two afternoon teas for friends at home ... but not in the garden, so whilst both went really well and were the best I could do in the circumstances I don't think I'm ready to tick this one of the list just yet.

By my reckoning that just leaves one ...
17 - Lose weight - go down four dress sizes
Whilst ... again ... there hasn't really been any progress with this one over the course of the year I have had a good start for 2020 - whether I can keep it up or not is another matter entirely. If it all goes well I'm sure you will be the first to know.

So here are the overall numbers ...
  • Fully completed - 29
  • Underway with progress in 2019 - 1
  • Underway with no progress in 2019 - 5
  • Not really started - 1
In addition to this 36 I did manage to decide on a few more things that I would like to do ... some of which I did actually manage to complete during the back end of the year ... but I will share those with you in another post πŸ˜€



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    1. Hi Elena ... I will be sharing what I hope to do this year very soon πŸ˜ƒ


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