Monday 23 March 2020

Isle of Wight Holiday Diary #15 - Ventnor & Shanklin Old Village

Hi there everyone πŸ˜€

Well it may seem a bit frivolous but I did promise a post completely free of the 'C' word so here we go ...

This is the penultimate post in my Isle of Wight Holiday series, so only one more to go after this one. We are on day 20 of the most fabulous three week break on the island, where we were blessed with plenty of sunshine and blue skies ... though there we did also get to see our fair share of rain ...

Day 20 - Thursday
Today was a fair bit duller than yesterday, when we'd spent the day walking on the beach in Sandown and we ended up heading back to Ventnor. I wanted to have a wander round the town centre and have a look at the view along the coast from up by the Winter Gardens.

On our way there was big excitement as we saw the first and only red squirrel that we'd seen on the island. It just belted across the road in front of us and if we'd have blinked we'd have missed it ... we were both chuffed to bits.

We parked up in the centre of town and had a wander, ending up by the Winter Gardens, where the views were just lovely ...

We decided to head back via Shanklin Old Village for lunch at Vernon Cottage, somewhere that we'd liked the look of when we visited a few years ago ...
We both had fish and chips, and it didn't disappoint ... leaving us with no room for cake πŸ˜€

Of course, we couldn't leave Shanklin without a bit of a wander to look at the pretty thatched cottages and tea rooms, which looked as lovely as ever ...

It was our last but one day on the island and neither of us were ready to head for home quite just yet. We were both really determined to get a visit in to another more off the beaten track spot that we hadn't visited before, but I will tell you about that next time 😍


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