Thursday 24 February 2022

A bit of everyday ordinary

Hi there everyone 😀

It's been a funny old day here. This was how today's weather was looking when I had a quick look yesterday ...
I have to say ... I was quite excited and woke up expecting to see a bit of a white out ... what I actually got was this ...

It really did feel as though Spring could be in the air ... especially when looking at the colour in the tiny strip of our front garden ...
I was off to the hairdressers for a long overdue cut and colour ... the grey was getting a bit out of hand. At least I wouldn't be coming out to slip and slide my way back up the road, having to protect my new 'do' from the elements.

Whilst I was sat in the hair dressers we were all chatting, as us ladies do, and the lady sat in the next chair asked me if I used to work in a certain building society in our town. I said yes I did ... but nigh on 40 years ago. I was surprised, to say the least, when she said ... yes, she remembered me working in there. I kind of think it was a good thing ... when I told a friend she said I must have retained my 'youthful good looks' ... not too sure about that, but it's a nice thought 😜

On another note ... I think it's the first time my hairdresser has actually seen the whole of my face, which was a very strange feeling. Just in case you're wondering why ... it's because I had to find a new hairdresser after the first lockdown as the place I'd been going to for years closed down. Today was the first time that I'd not worn a mask for the whole of my visit.

Anyway, out of the hairdressers and I treated Martin and I to a caramel doughnut from Birds ... my absolute favourite ... before heading for home.

The weather forecast had changed a bit ... only light snow showers forecast now, but still no sign of them. We were sat at the dining room table enjoying our treats when it felt as though someone had switched off the lights ...

I had to make a mad dash back in as we had a pretty heavy hailstorm and I thought that was it ... set in for the afternoon, but that was not the case. Within five minutes it was blue skies and sunshine again.

I spent the rest of the afternoon just messing about on the computer. I've set myself a bit of a goal to sort out my digital photos and to get to grips with 'The Cloud' ... it's a challenge 😀

I seem to have managed to save the photos on my iPad and new phone onto the cloud, but they are in a bit of a chaotic mess, which led me to looking at the thousands of photos that I have and question really as to whether I want to keep them or not. I think that's one of the problems of blogging ... you just never know when a random photo of a cheesecake or a pretty flower may come in handy, which leads, in my case, to some serious photo hoarding. I think I will be losing a fair few hours before I come up with a nice tidy and organised system that works for me 😕



  1. Great chatty post. Photos from digital cameras & computers can be a nightmare, though it is nice to be able to delete any that are no good & the old days when we got things printed & you paid for a whole roll of film that had nothing on it was awful. We've had weird weather too. Take care & hugs.

    1. Thank you Susan. I used to spend a fortune on having film developed only to find half were rubbish … I do still have a cupboard full of those photos. It is great being able to easily delete poor digital photos but I do find that intend to take lots more as it is so easy and costs nothing. At least by blogging some of the, get to see the light of day, rather than just languishing on the PC 😃

  2. I have recently (as in the last couple of years) been quite ruthless when I look back at the images I have taken. If they don't make me remember the view as well as in my head - then they go. Sometimes I am blown away by something absolutely gorgeous and take a photo - then at home on the laptop it looks more meh than it should - then the image goes. I find it quite a relief to be honest when I delete loads before they get 'filed' in the cloud :D

    1. That is a good approach and I think I need to get into the habit of doing this straight away, rather than uploading them and then thinking I will get back to it later. I went through 10 years worth last week and have another 10 to go 🙈🙈🙈


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