Monday 4 July 2022

Exploring :: North Wales #8 … Pistyll Rhaeadr

Hi there everyone 😃

This is the last of the series of posts from our holiday in North Wales back in May. Having fallen in love with the area and ending up buying a holiday lodge over that way I’m sure there will be more posts in the years to come as we start to make the most of ‘lodge life’ and do more exploring 😃

As we'd done on our journey over to North Wales, we decided to have a bit of a stop off on the way home too ... planning to call in at Pistyll Rhaeadr, Britain's tallest single drop waterfall and pretty impressive by all accounts.

We had a very quick photostop at the dam at the Afon Tryweryn reservoir just before Bala ... it is always so beautiful ...
From Bala we wound our way cross country, through the mountains and small villages until we hit the signs for the waterfall. It is a fair way off the beaten track, down some very narrow lanes, but eventually we managed to get our first spot of the falls in the distance ...
We gradually made our way closer, pulling in for photos where we could ...
There is parking at the site of the waterfall, which costs £5 on a weekday, £10 at the weekends. There is a bit of free roadside parking before you hit the falls car park but this was full when we visited. We did have to wait there though as BT were doing a bit of repair work and blocking the road. 

I couldn't wait to see what we were going to find so left mum and Martin in the car and had a wander up the lane ...
Eventually BT had finished what they were doing and we paid our £5 and got parked up.

It really is the shortest of walks from the car park to the waterfall and we were so lucky and managed to have the place to ourselves for a few minutes, so got chance to take some nice photos, with no other people in the background ...
It really was a beautiful spot and a lovely day. I could definitely imagine there being plenty of paddling going on in the summer months.

We walked a short way away from the falls, to the bridge for a bit of a different perspective, but by now there were a few more people about ...
There is also a tea room at the site of the falls and, as we'd not had breakfast before leaving, we had to pay a visit ... and managed to find a table with a pretty decent view ...
So that was the end of a really lovely week away in North Wales. We knew we would definitely be back, as we'd loved the area so much ... we just didn't know quite how soon 😀

We were off to Kent next so look out for more from the south east very soon.



  1. What a lovely day to the falls and some great photos of them, but.....ooh, loved the daffodils on the lane's verge. Thanks for sharing, take care & hugs.

    1. They were pretty impressive and yes the daffodils were lovely too. Take care x


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