Saturday 1 April 2023

Lodge Life :: March 23 - #2

Hi there everyone πŸ˜€

We headed back across to North Wales and our lodge earlier this week for our first Easter stay. 

We had been hoping to be further on in the garden at home before we left … but the weather had been against us … though there were a few more bits starting to make a spring showing …
It was this time last year when we stayed in a cottage on The Llyn Peninsular and we loved it so much that we decided it would be a good spot for a possible holiday bolthole … and here we are 12 months on … looking forward to finding out how busy everywhere would get over the Easter weekend.

It was a bit of a slow get away, getting stuck behind the bin lorry before even getting out of our street … and it was our first trip without Ken Bruce and we really missed our 10.30 Pop Master fix … if you are a Radio 2 listener you will probably know where I am coming from.

Once we got off the A5 and were heading towards Knockin we started to relax into the journey and it was lovely to be driving roads less travelled, with hedgerows and roadsides litter free.

Being our first trip at this time of year it was lovely to see so many swathes of bright yellow daffodils and I did try and capture a few shots, though it was raining for most of our journey …
It was also lovely to see so many spring lambs but I wouldn’t have been able to get close enough to photograph these without getting soaked so no pictures of those I’m afraid.

Day 2 was Martin’s birthday. It rained pretty much all day and we didn’t go anywhere. We just spent a very lazy day pottering, reading and just generally chilling out on a very nice quiet site … we hadn’t seen another soul since we arrived. 
We did see plenty of bird life though, including our first song thrush along with the usual suspects of blackbirds, magpies, pheasants, crows, rooks, doves and a pretty chaffinch. 

Day 3 and it was time to hit Asda for a big shop, ready to do some batch cooking for friends who are coming for the Easter weekend.

When we got back the rain had abated and Martin was feeling energetic so did some jet washing. I wasn’t feeling anywhere near that energetic so straightened my hair, filed my nails and read the paper 😜
We did have a look at the weather forecast for the Easter weekend and so far it is looking pretty darn good … let’s hope it stays that way …
On day 4 we thought we ought to make a bit of an effort and venture out somewhere other than the supermarket. The weather wasn’t looking that good so we opted to try out a new cafe for brunch.

We headed for Glynllifon Park which is set in a lovely spot. We haven’t explored the park yet but were hoping just to avail ourselves of the cafe which comes with fab reviews …
Sadly the cafe was closed …
… so we ended up heading down to Dinas Dinlle Beach and BRAF, which is another cafe we’ve been wanting to try out …
It was nice and bright inside, spotlessly clean and very friendly. There was just a brunch menu on offer but it looked pretty interesting and a little bit different, if quite pricy, so we decided to go for it …
I had the breakfast and Martin went for the Huevos Rancheros. Both were really tasty and went down a treat
We were both very tempted by the enormous home made tea cakes but decided against it for today.

From here we headed Llandwrog to have a look at the Blythe Farm Emporium to see if it was somewhere worth visiting on a rainy day when we had people staying. 

We had a good mooch round and there was lots of old and interesting stuff but nothing we fancied buying on this visit …
Once back at the lodge it was another chilled out afternoon just sitting reading and looking at the view. March has ended with a bit of blue sky and the merest hint of sunshine. Fingers crossed for plenty more of that for April 🀞🀞🀞



  1. Sounds as though it was a relaxing break even with the cooler, bleak weather. Love the daffs & I've just started thinking I should have bought some more for the garden before Autumn which is now into its second month. Hope April comes good & you enjoy your Easter break. take care & hugs.

    1. We have had a lovely sunny day today which has been lovely. You forget how nice a bit of warm sunshine is … we are always ready to say good bye to winter come April πŸ˜€


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