Monday 5 February 2024

A Productive Sunday

Hello again everyone πŸ˜€

Following my Saturday morning at craft group I chose neither of my options of baking or reading for the afternoon … instead opting for a nap in the chair.

Sunday continued with the productive feel. Martin went to do the weekly shop … it’s not normally a weekend activity, but with so much else on this coming week we thought we’d try and get ahead.

I had a quick tidy, watered the houseplants and made the beds and then spent an hour baking. I started with the flapjacks I’d been craving on Saturday and also ended up using up old rice crispies, out of date marshmallows and the last of the cocoa to make a chocolate crispie traybake … giving us a bit of much needed space in the kitchen cupboard …
Our plan was to spend the afternoon cleaning our back porch … well it’s not really a porch, more a little square space between the kitchen, the back door and the downstairs loo. It does tend to be a bit of a staging post for stuff waiting to go to the shed or the charity shop or projects waiting to be started.

It didn’t really go to plan but we did end up finding a home for grandad’s old fishing creel. It makes a nice hidey hole for bits and bobs next to the comfy chair in the dining room …
We also managed to do a bit of serious houseplant repotting, which has been building up.

The monstera now has room to grow … both outwards and upwards …
The money plant cutting that my neighbour gave me has now been potted on … after about six months on the kitchen window sill …
… and the spider plant in the birdcage has made its way onto the top of the dining room cabinet … that’s a bit of a throwback to the days when I used to have loads of stuff on top of cabinets. I’d kind of come away from that look as it was a bit cluttered and just created more dust … but I actually kind of like it. It makes it feel a bit like being in an orangery … with more than a little bit of imagination …
Anyway … it’s a bit of a change and makes room for more houseplants in the back porch in the window sill.

I then retired to the comfy chair to ponder over whether to have half an hour’s read before heading for a shower and getting something on for tea. 

Shower won … followed by a bit of a read πŸ“š



  1. Our house plants are in need of repotting - it is getting to that time of year, they get a 'spa day' every couple of weeks or so, where they are hauled off to the kitchen for a watering and tidy up. The last one I did for them, I noticed quite a few are beginning to show signs of needing a size up!

    1. I must confess Kate that I bought all the stuff to do mine in Covid … and I have only just got round to doing about half of them. The peace lilies are next. They desperately need splitting and repotting too. This year they will definitely get done 🀞. Carol x

  2. Some beautiful pictures and I like the view from the lodge.

    1. It is a really peaceful and tranquil place. We can just sit looking at the view for hours on end. It’s a real change from home where we can’t really see our garden from inside the house at all x


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