Saturday 3 February 2024

Finally … it’s February

Hi there everyone πŸ˜€

Finally … it’s February. We made it through January and I am pleased to say that things are feeling a bit more lighter … in lots of ways. 

After our slow and dreary start to the year we finally seem to be seeing the back of the lingering cough and have actually started to feel just a little bit productive. 

We are slowly working our way through a real spring clean of the house … which had really not seen much activity at all since before Christmas. By the time we have finished we will need to start from the beginning again … but at least we will know it’s all had a really good going over and that always feels good. 

This last week there’s been a bit more sneaking onto the calendar with some school governor activity and a food bank shift, squeezed in alongside the cleaning. 

We also had a day out on Friday at a family funeral and, whilst it was a really sad occasion, it was lovely to see family that we haven’t really seen since before Covid … so there was lots of hugging and catching up to be done. 
I was really ready for a bit bit of pure self indulgence and managed to rouse myself early this morning and make it to Craft group. It was watercolour painting this morning and I spent a lovely couple of hours with a lovely group of like minded ladies and came away with this from my efforts …
I can’t decide now whether it’s going to be the comfy chair with my book for the rest of the afternoon or whether I can build up to a bit of baking … I’m feeling the need for flapjacks πŸ˜€
It’s good to start feeling a bit more enthusiastic about getting cracking. This next week is a busy one with a day at school, another food bank shift, boiler services for us and mum and the dentist on the cards. I’m thinking it will definitely be time for a bit of a social treat very soon … so hopefully we can manage a lunch or dinner with friends the week after πŸ˜€


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