Wednesday 17 April 2024

Just in Case …

Hi there everyone πŸ˜€

Martin had some big wins on the ‘just in case’ philosophy at the weekend. 

You know what I mean … the random stuff that gets squirrelled away for another day … just in case. 

Whilst I don’t like chucking useful stuff out I really don’t like waste … or the idea of having to buy something when something you threw out would have done the job just as well. 

Jackie and Phil popped round at the weekend. Phil was giving us a hand with grinding out some mortar around the raised bed. Actually … when I say he was giving us a hand what I really mean is that he did it for us. 

Anyway … when I asked Jackie what they were doing for the rest of the day she told me they were going to the garden centre as they needed a tree stake. Ooh … I said … I’m sure we have one of those in the shed. And we did … and a tree strap too. So us hanging onto those meant they didn’t have to go to the garden centre and spend some money. 

We then decided that we would need a few bricks or bits of slab to put in each corner of the new bed to help with ‘the levels’. 

Well … a trip round the back of the shed revealed all kinds of bits of masonry that would do the job perfectly. 

I was definitely on dodgy ground with my anti-just in case policy. 

It got worse … we popped to mum’s for something and saw an off cut of a wooden sleeper that she had leftover from a garden project and I thought it would be handy to help us get an idea of how it would look and fit … so it came home with us. 

It served its purpose well. The only problem is … I’m not sure if I like it πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
It was green before and I think I’m going to miss the colour … oh dear 😩


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