Friday, 16 July 2021

Photo Scavenger Hunt :: July #3 ... Picnic

Hi there everyone 😀

It's Friday again and that means it's time to link up with Astrid for the weekly photo scavenger hunt. The challenge for this week is to post photos along the theme of the word ... picnic.

We've always loved a good picnic ... but never so much as last year when ... for a huge chunk of the year ... it was the only way to actually eat out.

It was lovely seeing so many people getting back to and enjoying this simple pleasure, which was something we seemed to do all the time when we were younger.

The comfy camping chairs and little table pretty much lived in the back of the car last year so we knew that all we had to do was to find just the right spot and we were good to go ...

We didn't need our chairs or table for our first picnic back in June of last year. We found a couple of lovely spots in the walled garden in Elford, which has become a favourite local place for an afternoon visit ...

In July we had a trip up to the Peak District for the day for a walk along Bradford Dale near Youlgreave. This time the chairs and table came in very handy for our picnic at the back of the car after we'd finished our walk ... this was our view ...
There were a fair few garden 'picnics', both at home and at friends throughout the rest of August ... including this spectacular afternoon tea at Lesley & Tom's ...
In September we finally got to go away for the first time since February, when we'd sneaked in our last minute trip to Windsor. We stayed in a holiday cottage in Sidbury, not far from Sidmouth and plenty of picnicking took place whilst we were away ... with some of the loveliest views ever ...

So far this year there have been a couple of picnics ... there was our teddy bears' picnic ...

... and there was another visit to the walled garden, where we managed to eat just before the rain hit with a vengeance ...

I have to say that it's been lovely falling back in love with the practice of picnicking and I think it's something that we will continue to do more of. Whilst it is lovely sitting in the beautiful garden of a tea room enjoying a big slice of cake, it is definitely just as nice finding a fabulous view, getting out the chairs and tucking into squidgy sandwiches accompanied by home grown cherry tomatoes.

I think that's it for me today ... Whilst I was trawling the archive I was pleased to find a couple of nice 'ice cream' photos, which may do well for next week's theme 😀



  1. You have some lovely picnics! The spread your friends prepared looked delicious. My favourite is the teddy bears' picnic!

    1. Our friends really did push the boat out. The sandwiches were made with three different types of home made bread … all were lovely but we were very full 😃

  2. Everything looks very tasty!

    1. Thank you … we are forecast a ‘heatwave’ for the weekend so I think we will be living on BBQ 🌞🌞🌞

  3. Love your Teddy Bear's Picnic. I tried to do the same for our son's 1st birthday 51 years ago. Tried to use an upended home made Swiss roll as the body but it was not firm enough and kept falling over. I put more and more butter icing on it to hold it up. It was very sweet!!! My favourite photo is of your friends delicious looking picnic. Yum. !!


    1. The powers of butter cream are amazing, my showstopper used to be a hedgehog … with spines made from chocolate buttons 😂


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