Monday 10 March 2014

It's Spring!!

I've just had my first breakfast in the garden listening to the birds, warm enough for no fleece.  It feels like Spring is definitely here.

I've got that weird excited feeling when I know I want to do something, but I can't decide what.  I could go and peg out the washing, I could make the beds, I could straighten my hair, I could load the dishwasher, I could make the tea, I could prepare for my Governor's meeting tonight or ....... I could blog.

Well, here I am.

We've just had a really busy and varied weekend.  On Saturday we shopped big style and bought a strange mixture of items, a Bose bluetooth mini speaker for Martin's birthday later this month, a new front garden gate, a new shabby chic sideboard and a Mother's Day present (obviously I can't say what that is!). 

Whilst we did go out and about looking at speakers and sideboards, we ended up coming home and ordering both on line, through Quidco, another way to make your money go further.  We paid the same price, we've got free delivery and we get cashback into the bargain, why wouldn't you?

We watched a film in the afternoon, Martin had a free one from Skystore.  We dithered over what to pick and ended up with Gravity.  I did say that I wasn't sure how they could make a film with just two people in it, wondering about in space.  The final choice was Martin's and Gravity it was.  Grave error I would say.  I know this will be a controversial statement but we should know to steer away from films that win loads of Oscars, I just don't get it.  Anyway, I won't be recommending it to any of my friends ...... sorry George (Clooney) and Sandra (Bullock).

For tea, we had our first ever go at making Moussaka, or Mouse Cake as Martin used to call it.  He used to have it when he used to go out for lunch with his mum, when he was younger - Mouse Cake and chips.  I can't believe we've never made it and I had to go right back to an old 70s cook book to find a recipe (I know, I could have asked Google).  It was scrummy and we ate it whilst watching the first half of The Voice.

We'd had a really nice, lazy, but productive Saturday.

Sunday came and so did the sunshine.  We felt the need to get out in the garden and we spent most of the day out there (I'll blog about that separately).  We were both shattered by the time we came in, but couldn't resist a bit of research into Will Sidney's war.  Two hours later, but finally knowing why William Preston Sidney was called William Preston Sidney, we flaked out on the sofa with a Ginger Chicken Curry to watch the final of Dancing on Ice (Martin hates it, but I love it) and the Top Gear Burma Special (Martin loves it and I have to admit I don't mind it).

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