Saturday 1 March 2014

Peggy Dunhill - 19 May 1927 - 7 February 2014

It's Peggy's funeral on Monday (3 March).  We will be heading back up to Doncaster for one more time to say our last good byes.  We are only really expecting Martin and I to be there, apart from some representation from her care home, so it will be a really small affair and we think it will be very sad.

The committal service will be held at the Rose Hill Crematorium, which is in Doncaster, where Peggy spent the whole of her life.  The final music that we've chosen to have played at the service is Days of our Lives by Queen.  It may seem a strange choice but Peggy just loved Freddie Mercury.  I'll always remember how surprised I was to see photos of Freddie on the kitchen wall the first time I visited her at home.

As none of you will have met Peggy, Martin and I just wanted to put together some photos at different stages of her life to share with you all.

The first picture is of Peggy with her mum and dad, William Preston & Ethel Sidney.  It's Will's World War 1 story that I am currently researching and will be sharing with you over the coming months.

Peggy - Aged 3 - 11
Peggy - Aged 16 - 21

Peggy & Roy

Peggy & Martin

Peggy & Martin

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  1. Wow, this blog is my favourite, can't believe how Martin looks the same... Although from a child I reckon he has had his ears pinned!!! Sme lovely photos here!


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