Friday 20 March 2015

A Total Eclipse

Mum and I were cleaning this morning, when Martin called from work to say 'get out back and have a look at the solar eclipse, it's amazing!'

Well, as anything is a welcome distraction from cleaning, we did go out tried to have a look.

Obviously, we couldn't look directly at it, it was sooooooooo bright, but we tried the old pinhole in a bit of card with some paper in front and we were both completely underwhelmed - I think we must have been doing it wrong.

So, then we decided we'd try with sunglasses.  Still far too bright.

I headed for the camera and the zoom lens and decided to see if I could capture it.  Not a brilliant result, and I am sure there are loads of far better pictures all over the net, but this is what we ended up with.

The light was good though, so I did delay getting back to the cleaning to take some pictures of what Spring looks like in the garden.  I'll share those in my next In the Garden post very soon.

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