Monday 23 March 2015

It's Definitely Spring .....

So far in March we have had a real mix of weather, with some biting cold but some real warm Spring sunshine too.

The snowdrops have now given way to other Spring bulbs and we've got the first signs of flowers on the flowering currant, which is always the first of the trees or shrubs to come into bloom.
I managed to get out back and have a bit of a play with the Digital SLR, and managed to catch some of the first real signs of Spring.

The Spring tubs are looking good and we are expecting great things from the wallflowers that we planted in the Autumn.  The forget-me-nots have spread like wildfire and there is even the first glimpse of a bloom.
The majority of the seeds that we've planted indoors so far have started to make a show, with courgettes, tomatoes, beetroot and chillies all well on the way.
Whilst out front saying cheerio to mum, a very kind neighbour wandered past and gifted us two very healthy looking Spring cabbages from his allotment.
Now, I'm not over keen on cabbage so mum took these two beauties home, but not before I took a couple of quick snaps.  Sorry Martin!

So it is now officially Spring, the signs are all there.  It's lovely to start to see some colour in the garden again.  Time to get motivated and get cracking!!

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