Monday 23 March 2015

Cracking on with the Crochet!

Well. I've been surprised at how I've cracked on with the crochet!

I've now completed 10 of the 20 squares I need for the throw that I am making, which will hopefully end up looking something like this.

What I really like about this pattern, which is available for free on the Red Heart site, is that Red Heart also did a 'Crochet Along' on their blog, which demonstrates fully how to crochet each different pattern. I've really found this invaluable, as I couldn't even remember how to do a 'dc' (double crochet).

I have now completed a Shells with Front and Back Post Stitches Square and a Front Post Double Crochet square, both look great.  I've also done some more granny squares, which I can now knock out in about an hour.

I think I've decided that rather than 10 granny and 10 different patterned squares, as per the pattern, I will go with 10 granny and 2 of each of my 5 favourite patterned squares.

Hopefully I'll soon be able to show you the finished article.

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