Monday 15 February 2016

50 Things to do before I'm 60 - An Update ...

In 2014 I hit the big 'FIVE OH' and I can't quite believe it's been a year since I published this post about 50 things that I wanted to achieve before I got to 60.

Well ... I thought it was time for a progress update.

Back in February last year these were the first 10 things I posted from my list and now I can let you know how I've got on so far ...

1 - Hand make Christmas and Birthday gifts

I think I've done pretty well with this one.  In 2014 the mainstay of the hand made Christmas gifts were beaded bracelets for the ladies.
I had to come up with something new for 2015 and came up with a selection of new gifts, including: a crocheted cushion, a tooth fairy pillow, a button art elephant, button art hearts, a selection of zippered make up bags and purses, more bracelets, home made wine, jams & chutney and even an oven glove!

2 - Make bramble jelly jam

Another objective firmly ticked off the list. I've now made a couple of batches of scrummy bramble jelly jam, from our blackberry foraging.

3 - Have a posh afternoon tea

Now this one seems to have become a regular occurrence, with a number of visits, with a selection of different friends to The Old School House at Weeford, which has fast become a firm favourite for afternoon tea.  I've also tried the afternoon tea at Dobbies, in Mancetter, with mum, which was also very nice, and the afternoon tea at Buzzard Valley, which, to be fair, was not so good.

4 - Visit Balmoral Castle

Well ... I feel like I'm on a bit of a roll, as we managed to take in a visit to Balmoral when we stayed up in Ballater in Spring last year.  Somewhere I would definitely recommend and we will definitely be returning to take up a land rover tour round the estate, which looks brilliant.

Balmoral was everything we hoped it would be.  We were really lucky and got to see it with no one else around.  We got there really early and did the recommended tour backwards, so we saw the house first, before anyone else had got there.  Definitely worth a thought if you are visiting.

5 - Make something in mosaic

Well, this is where it all starts to go downhill. Whilst I have got everything I need to get cracking with this, stuff to mosaic on, stuff to mosaic with, tools and plenty of books, I haven't actually done any mosaic as yet.  The closest I have got is  my button art.  This is one I definitely want to have a go at this year.  I've got no excuses now!!

6 - Complete my online photography course

I have at least made a start on this, though I haven't made as much progress as I would have liked.  I think, subconsciously, I am waiting for Martin to retire, so that we can do this together.  The plan then, is to go out and start taking photos worthy of competition entry, so we may see more progress on this one later in the year.

7 - Holiday on the Suffolk Coast

Now, I did really try this one, I really did.  I have spent many an hour looking for the perfect cottage to suit Martin and I, in the perfect spot on the Suffolk coast.  So far, the only cottages that I've liked have been either too far North or too far South.  I need to just keep looking for that one that is just in the right spot for us to be able to see everything that we want to see.

8 - Christmas in a holiday cottage

Those of you who follow my blog will know that we managed to do this for 2015, with a family Christmas break in Marsden in Yorkshire, staying on the Crow Hill Estate in The West Wing.
We all had a really nice relaxing break, with plenty of chill out time.  Would we do it again?  Not sure, I think would be the answer.  We had a great time, but for me, it was quite a rush to get everything that we needed to get done at home done, in time to get away, and packing was like a military operation.

I think the consensus was that next time, we might give it a try over the New Year instead.  Maybe something for New Year 2018.

9 - Holiday in all of the National Parks of Great Britain

This is an ongoing one, but at least we can add The Cairngorms to the list of Parks we've holidayed in.  It was, as have all the others been, absolutely beautiful and we will definitely visit again.

10 - Up cycle my old placemats

Yay!!! Another one done.  We love our 'new' placements, with all their wrinkles and creases! Not something I think I'd do again, it's probably cheaper, and definitely less hassle, to buy a new set.

So, how have I done so far, in my first year?

Of my first 10 goals I can say that so far I have ...
  • Completely achieved six
  • Made progress on two and
  • Not really got anywhere with the other two
Whilst I am quite pleased with what I've achieved so far, I guess I might need to get a wriggle on, with 46 goals left to do and nine years to go!!

Next week, I will share my next 10 goals with you and, hopefully, some of these may already have been started, so watch this space.

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